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All of our content is written by current AP teachers and is designed to help students improve their exam scores through repetition and detailed explanations. Our site now has over 10,000 AP-style questions and about 6,000 of them are free to take! We have over350 free practice questions for AP Calculus AB-BC.

This page contains details about the pace and scope of the course for each unit. These calendars are very accurate and it is your responsibility to check them for homework, quizzes, tests, and any other important events. If you find that a calendar is out of date please email me and tell me exactly what needs to be corrected.

The online textbook can be found here.
Please ask me for the password during classtime.

This link came to me in an email.
It has AP Calculus practice problems. Most are free. IF it does not work let me know and I will remove the link.

Course Overview
This page contains an overview of how the course works. It includes information about the course methodology, grading system, make-up work policy, homework policy, attendance policy, and required materials / fees. Please familiarize yourself with everything in this page.

Power Point Presentations of Lessons
These lessons are created by students and are designed to augment the lessons in class. At the end of the year one of your final projects will be to create a presentation to add to the list.

This will be our first assignment for the year. A due date will be determined as school starts. Please work in groups and individually. It should be done WITHOUT a graphing calculator but you may use a NON GRAPHING CALCULATOR.