T Geometry Home Page

This is a page that contains the directions for making three types of tessellations and the tessellations that my students made in the Winter of the 2013 - 2014 School Year.

This page contains PDF files that detail the pace and scope of the course for each unit. These calendars are very accurate and it is your responsibility to check them for homework, quizzes, tests, and any other important events. If you find that a calendar is out of date please email me and tell me exactly what needs to be corrected.

You Can Access the Online Book Here!
See your instructor for the username and password.

Printable Homework Assignments
Thanks to Joel Nasco for making printable homework assignments. As he makes them they will be uploaded to this page. Please thank him when you see him if you use them.

Extra Credit Projects
This page contains the specific instructions for completeing the quarterly extra credit projects. If you have any quesitons please contact me during my office hours or before school . You may also email me if that is easier.

Preparing for Quizzes, Exams, Final Exams
There will be NO review guides given for ANY assessment and no classtime will be spent reviewing. Students are expected to use previous quizzes / tests, class notes, homework, and the vocabulary and conjecture packets (see below) to help them prepare for assessments. At the end of every chapter is a review section in the book and it is highly recommended that students work through this section and see me outside of class time if there are any topics that are unclear. Thursdays during 9th period I will be available for tutoring if needed. Students can also see me before school any day except Thursdays but they will need a pass to enter the building at 7:15. Study groups are highly recommended.

Course Overview
This page contains an overview of he course. It includes information about the course methodology, grading system, make-up work policy, homework policy, attendance policy, and required materials / fees. Please familiarize yourself with everything in this page.

This Page has demonstrations of ALL the constructions that we are learning. WARNING: You will be directed to a website that is not within Wikispaces.
Here is a video showing all the constructions you will need to know:

Vocabulary and Conjectures
One thing that you may not have noticed about our book is that it does not have a glossary. In the beginning of the year you will learn how to create "good" definitions and with this skill you will be creating your own glossary that you will use throughout the year. This glossary must be HAND WRITTEN to prevent the obvious cut and paste method of cheating; plagiarism is immoral and illegal and I will prosecute you to the fullest extent possible if you are caught. The entire list of vocabulary words should be downloaded, printed, and brought to class DAILY. This will be evaluated at ranom..
A conjecture is a geometric property that we have discovered during our lesson. There are 105 conjectures that you are required to complete and know plus many bonus conjectures that will earn you extra points if you can find them. The conjecture list should also be HANDWRITTEN for now obvious reasons. The list of conjectures should also be downloaded, printed, and brought to class DAILY. This is just as important as the vocabulary and will be completed and evaluated in the same manner.